Meaning of Life 1- Osho reading


‘Not a rose’ by neo-conceptual artist Heide Hatry. To her this is actually arrangements of the offal, sex organs, and other residues of deceased animals. Photo from site

If you think religious stuff are mumbo jumbos and think they are not for everyone, seems Osho is agreeing with you. What is the meaning of life?

Osho said life has no purpose, it’s us who create meanings. A flower blossoms and dies, what is the meaning for it? Maybe It’s just a waste of energy. Life is just a process of using up energy, burning the energy within us.

I remember reading that last time a boy asked me the same question. I was shocked, a little bit upset and disappointed. If life has no meanings, what are we doing?

But then, once in a while I came across a flower-bed and thought of the same question and the blossoming flower just reminded me the words of Osho. Life has no meaning. This answer is much better than someone telling me to follow Jesus’s footstep and discover the meaning of life in God, because fundamentally I don’t truly believe in God. I am not convinced.

This answer is also better by the biological answer that we are here to reproduce and make better humans. How about people who can’t? I am not convinced. A flower may not attract any insects to help it spread its own seeds or do whatever it ‘should’ be doing biologically. A flower is a flower, it’s doing great being a flower. I do not buy it.

The answer actually makes me smile, because it’s so true. I found it.

This time I googled the same passage and found another one.

hmmm… probably I have skimmed it last time as well but forgot about it as soon as I finished.

This time I read it out loud.

What is the meaning of life?

  •  Life has no meanings. Meanings are created by people. He clarified the question afterwards by saying if meanings of life can be solidly found we need not discover it again and again by different people. As everyone can have a different discovery that is actually a creative process.
  • ‘Question the question.’ If you are looking for a meaning of life you are restraining yourself and defining your way of living. The meaning of life you defined may not be there. The answer may not be found. Keep your mind open and keep the question pure. A pure question is a question stays as a question, answer comes and goes when there are different considerations and perspectives.
  •  ‘Be a little bit crazy’ The meaning of life is a creative process, so experience life by participating in it. Don’t restrain yourself by any meaning of life, then you will discover as many meanings as you want by trying different things.

Osho gives very clear answer that meaning of life has no definite answer and will never have. But this is not a upsetting truth. This can set you free. :)


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