Sometimes I am scared of My Darkside, Can I get rid of it?

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Have a look at the mirror, me and my family look so alike. I mean physically we are so alike, it must be the genes. How about mentally? There must be some genes controlling as well, aren’t there?

Looking at my relatives who love to judge people.

Am I just one of them? Selfish, judgmental, making fun of others.

Thought they know so much more than anyone, thought no one can be better, thought the world owes them….

I get tired of thinking about them, but then, at the end of the day, maybe I am just one of them. Can I get rid of it?


Or in a family with depression, am I just one of them?

Will I get depression oneday? Am I born with it? Is this just coincidience if one day I get it too?

All the socialization and interactions with my relatives, all the genes, everything counts.

The chain of thought started to freak me out…

Can I run away from my family?


Or if I have the desire to be a murderer.

Am I born with it? Can I blame it to my genes? Can I get rid of it? Am I a shame to my family?


”Sometime I wonder what’s inside of me, 

 my family are hiding inside me,

I never know what I do know.

Running away is something we always done well,

Well and mostly I can’t even tell what I’m running from

Corpsed into ice, I cannot ,I cannot,I cannot, run from my family” ( from the lyrics)


Can I get rid of the dark side?


I cannot find the answer, but a wise young man says something remarkable that keep me thinking —the accepance of our dark sides.

”Like all people, I have a “shadow,” and I have learned that the healthiest thing one can do is to integrate this darkness into one’s self.  If you reject it and abhor it, then you only repress it, and it only gets stronger when it is not acknowledged.

As I have experienced life, and learned how to increase my capacity for tolerance and compassion, so too has my capacity for darkness grown as well.  This is natural, because balance is the rule of nature.  In order to become more compassionate, I must also cultivate the capacity for more selfishness.  In order to be more tolerant, I must also cultivate my ability for intolerance and hatred.

This sounds scary, but it is not.  Because while we all have the capacity for both good and evil, it is our choice at every moment whether to engage in decent activities or engage in behaviors that will harm others.  I have long since come into the habit of choosing compassion over hatred, and peace of mind over anger. ”

By: Seraph1m

Written on December 26th, 2007 on

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The Idea of Death


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”No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it, and that is how it should be, because death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

It’s been a while Steve Jobs have passed away, but his quote about death will certainly stays in the living world, as long as there are people living, his quote must trigger some kind of alarm or struck a chord in someone’s heart.

Truth is, death can help us live better, at the same time death can freeze us from doing anything.

Once in my life I was confused by the above saying, as a little twist of the wordings can have a totally different meaning, the change of wordings can have the power to go from positive to negative. Where should I draw the line? How come some people are inspired by death but then some people are devastated by death? How could this be possible, can a candy taste nice and terrible at the same time?

Being devastated by death is easy to understand at first sight. As you are going to die, there is nothing left, just imagine you are being sacked and you want to cry, you are devastated (if you love your job or you need the job). Simple as that, what follows death is an overwhelming negativity. The part hard to understand is how negativity can flip over to positivity.

I remember once there is a trend people keep telling others to ‘treat every single day as their last day of their life ‘, not sure if this is really a ‘trend’ or not. But if you are thinking the same thing I was thinking, you would sign. If you are living today as your last day, will you save money for your future? No, just use them all, there is no future anyway, who cares about that? If today is your last day of your life, do you need to care about hurting people, maybe, but you got a good reason not to, no one can go punish you in the future, because you got no future after all! Life seems to be a big joke to you. Yes, life is not right. Some people gave all the money to their loved ones and go kill themselves. They know they are destined to die, they are hopeless, they are worthless, they live out ‘today as their last day of their life’.

*Sign* They have never thought of the parts if they were still alive. *Sign again* The quote is not clear in the message it is giving out. Death is a knife sharp at both ends.

Though the fact of death destroys us, the idea of death can save us.

The flipping of positivity comes from questioning the chance you are going to die. You are going to die tomorrow, but there is a chance you are going to be living as well. You never know.

It is the unknown that give us power to fight, it’s the unknown that make us give the best shot, to do our best. It is the unknown that tell us to do whatever you need now but not later. When you are aware of the unknown, you are at the state that you are aware you may die, and at the same time you are fully aware you may live. So, don’t drench yourself in negativity, and at the same time do not take everything as granted as no one guarantees everything stays the same for you, not even your life.

It is the state of unknown that keep us to be aware every single moment, life is fragile, but human strength is not. Death is inevitable to destroy us , but the idea of death is not.


In Science, We Have an Assumption


In science, there is a very big assumption, that if something is not yet proven right, we just assume them not right until they are proven. There are many aspects of our lives are affected by this mindset, believe it or not.

First, before you can get a job, you have to go through interviews, give proofs that you are confident and interested in the job and have the abilities required. Before that, give proofs that you have the right of abode by your Id card or visa, give proofs that you graduate from whatever school or college, give proofs that you….. May be in the future we even need proof that we are human beings.

Sounds ridiculous?

That’s how this society works.

‘Give proofs, or stay away!’ They said.

Competitions. Why compete? One of the reasons is to prove yourself, or to prove some people or to prove the whole world wrong. To give evidence to the whole world that you have some kind of ability. Why? Maybe you even don’t trust yourself you have the ability. If you know that’s right there, do you need to prove it? No, that’s stupid.

‘Evidence, give me evidence!’ They shouted.

Do you believe in things that cannot be proven by science? Like spiritual incidents, the existence of ghosts,… If you are a scientist with that assumption in mind, you will say no. ‘Those kinds of things are not scientific, I don’t believe them.’ you may argue. Oh, can you see that? You now become one of them, begging for evidence.

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