10 Comics that Help you Understand Mental Illnesses By Lauren Davis


The above is the snap shot of the first comic, want to read the rest? Click on the link below

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Love yourself, regardless



I am not saying education is all wrong, it does have its values. But the post is true, many people get into the habit to believe in authority, whatever the book says must be true; get into the habit to conform even when the situation looks so wrong; get to believe they are stupid, they are losers and think they don’t deserve anything good just because their grades/work go wrong. We build systems in order to organise people and work, but systems can also blind people from the truth—that they are just systems, systems are not saying what is right or wrong, not saying who you are, not saying what you deserve. You are who you are.

I know this is hard to change even when you see through it, but for most of you,you have the choice to leave when you notice the system does not fit you. In a society work with systems without empathy, love yourself, regardless.