I have a secret to tell you. 10th Oct 2015

I look for people who click with me and who are in their lows, try to love them, protect them, treat them well, change their perspective, and made them feel loved and strong.

  That’s what I thought I have been doing.

No need to be romantic, just listen closely, to your friends’ fears.

Don’t get scared.

Everyone have their own shit, maybe you have never encountered this type of mess before,remain calm and treat it like something normal to you.   Be patient because it’s called a mess for a reason,  it comes back again and again,and again and again. They told you because they trust you.

They told you because they thought, maybe you can change their mind.

They told you because they were testing you, whether you can accept their not-so-bright-sides.


Gently pat their heads, think about love,send them some love.

Remember to check on them from time to time, they will feel lonely sometimes, but don’t know they can talk to someone.

Just remind them something they like.

If it’s their birthday, buy them a present.

I keep notes on things they told me they want to have.

Sometimes I tell them my own fears as well, to remind them we are the same to a certain extent.


Sometimes I imagine taking caring of a kitten/puppy when I talk to them, I have to do everything gently, pat it, kiss it, play with it.

And hope, one day, it will grow.


Let’s hope for the best. But even if it doesn’t grow, or if it slips and falls, don’t panic,don’t get frustrated,remember what I told you. Be patient. Love is patient,maybe he or she is not ready for change, but they tried their best, they felt guilty, so don’t get angry to make them feel worse,< calmness is your new best friend.

Cry with them. If they are still with you, love them like you used to.

Let’s hope for the best.


****** This is a reminder for myself,

if one day I forget what I have been doing, if I lost my mind one day. This post will bring me back, to the most important thing humans can do, to inspire and love another human being.


It’s about the process of loving someone but not achieving anything.


Just go ahead and do it.