About this site

I do not have a specific goal for this site,
setting a goal or purpose just restrain me when being myself, being judging the whole time is just suffocating, I want to let it be.

Maybe some of the posts are my life experiences and after you read it, you are glad that someone understands you, and it gives you strength to carry on, or it gives you a little thought.
Maybe you disagree with what I said and want to sprinkle water to the computer screen.
Maybe you are lucky enough to find a post I was being whimsy and silly, talking to a dolphin in the sea.
Maybe most of the time you find me boring talking about bullshit that everyone is able to write, or you want to find me some typos in every single post I wrote.

It doesn’t matter,
just do it.

* just a reminder for someone interests in MBTI personality types, this site is owned by someone swings between INFP/ISFP and this is also an INFP/ISFP personal growth site.


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